5 Things To Get You Ready For Tonight’s Teen Wolf Premiere!

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With Teen Wolf premiering on MTV tonight (finally), we thought we’d share some info to get you all ready! Not that you need much to get you psyched for it. Um, have you seen the hotties in the cast?!

Anyway, here’s all you need to know about Teen Wolf!

1. The guys are total hotties! Yum.
2. Basically everyone in the cast is a hollywood newbie, but you definitely can’t tell. They seem like total pros!
3. Tyler Posey is basically gonna be shirtless pretty much the entire time. Yes.
4. Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey apparently have natural chemistry. Ooh la la!
5. The first 8 minutes of the show are intense, dramatic and amazing all at the same time. You know you wanna watch the clip before tonight’s big premiere!

Don’t forget! Teen Wolf airs tonight at 11 after the MTV Movie Awards! Are you excited? Do you think it’ll live up to everyone’s expectations? Tell us in the comments!