The 5 Celeb Guys No Girl Should Ever Date (Pics)

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Know how sometimes your mom tells you to stay away from certain boys? Well, funny enough, Posh24 is dishing the same advice to celebs. Posh24 came up with a list of the guys no chick should ever date in Hollywood, and though we probs won’t be dating a famous dude anytime soon, their advice is super helpful to us regular folk, too.

So do we agree? Eh, let’s just say we refuse to go along with with the fact that they added Ryan Gosling to this list.

See what other guys are bad news, below:

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Kellan Lutz
Kellan is the type of guy who thinks he looks so good, he’s allowed to lack personality. Nope. Sorry. Not how it works.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino
Mike’s a funny one. He swears he’s like this ultimate player, yet he’s got NO game!

Ryan Gosling
Ryan is a girlfriend kind of guy. The only prob with this is he gets easily attached, so he’ll drop as soon as you decide you kinda want a life of your own. We’re willing to chance it…

50 Cent
50 is this super geek who spends a ton of his time playing video games. Who does that at his age?!

John Mayer
Oh, John! This is the guy you never wanna bring home to mom. Why? Cause he usually gets bored with chicks so quickly that he picks one up today (Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Minka Kelly) and tosses her tomorrow.

What do you think of this list? Do you agree or disagree with the picks? Who else should be on this list? Sound off in the comments!