6 First Kiss Expectations and How They Actually Turn Out

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What’s worse than having high expectations for a first date? Having high expectations for a first kiss! When you ask most people how their first smooch was, you’ll hear hear words like wet, awkward, clumsy, etc. to describe the experience. We’re sure a few of you out there had the extreme fortune to have a magical first kiss like you see in the movies, but let’s be honest — that rarely happens. This is how first kisses usually go:

1. Expectation: You’ll see fireworks when your lips meet.



Reality: All you can think about is how much saliva is involved.

2. Expectation: A magical foot pop.

Reality: It goes more like this.

3. Expectation: His lips will be moisturized and ready to go.

Reality: Not so much.

4. Expectation: There won’t be any tongue action and if there is, it’ll be very minimal.

Reality: It feels like he’s trying to give you a tonsil examination with his tongue. Ew.

5. Expectation: Teeth won’t be an issue.

Reality: OMG where do I put these?!

6. It’ll be a huge life changing moment.

Reality: It ends and you’re left like:

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