10 First-Day-of-School Promises You’ve Already Broken

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We all know the false hope that the first day of school gives you. “This is going to be my perfect year,” you say as you enter the double doors that every single school has. You don’t know it, but you’re foreshadowing the fact that this will most certainly not be your perfect year. Poor Past You, just being all excited to somehow achieve both a spectacular social and academic life.

Now that we’re a whole month into the (very real) struggle, we know that most of those first-day-of-school promises that you made to yourself are all broken by now. Sure, you’re still showing up everyday, which is great. But these ten other expectations never stood a chance:

1. You would get 8 full hours of sleep on every school night. Your current eye luggage would suggest otherwise.

2. You would keep your notes neatly organized. Too bad you can’t even find your notes that you wrote just yesterday.

3. You would participate like nobody’s business. So far, the most you’ve said is, “Present” and, “Oh no, I wasn’t raising my hand.”

I'm Not Raising My Hand

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4. You would wake up early enough to get cute. Nope, nope and a little more nope.

Crazy Makeup

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5. You would do all of your assigned reading. Everyone knows that homework assignments that require no writing aren’t legit assignments.

6. You would get take actually good notes during class. At least your doodling skills have improved incredibly since last June.

7. You would study what you learned in class each day after school. Or you’d take a 5-hour nap. Same thing, really.

Taking Nap

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8. You wouldn’t wait until 11:59p to start your homework. But the Internet is so tempting and your will to avoid procrastination is so weak.

9. You would maintain a calendar of your assignments so you don’t forget any. 13 project and paper assignments later and you’re in over your head.

Throw Paper

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10. You would visit your teachers outside of class to show them you’re interested. But then you remembered that you could just go home and take a 5-hour nap when you were supposed to be studying.


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