Then vs. Now: The First Day of School

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The first day of school has changed a lot since you were younger. Not the actual first day — as far as we know, you’re still forced to end your summer of bliss and start your fall of learning — but how you feel about it is all different. Here’s the proof:

1. THEN: You could barely sleep the night before.

The Sky's Awake So Im Awake

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NOW: You stay awake the night before… online.

I Need Help Big Bang theorya

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2. THEN: You woke up super early out of excitement.

NOW: You roll out of bed, dreading that summer is officially over.

I Can't Think XSee

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3. THEN: You mentally planned your outfit for weeks.

NOW: You wear the first remotely cute thing you pull from your closet.

Andrew Garfield Shrug

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4. THEN: You showed up to school with every school supply in the world.

NOW: You’re lucky if you remember to bring a pen and an adequate book to write in.

I Forgot Real Housewives

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5. THEN: You stressed about making new friends.

Do You Like Me 500 Days of Summer

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NOW: You meet up with your BFFs the first chance you get.

Harry Potter High Five

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6. THEN: You worried about finding your classes.

I'm A Bit Lost

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NOW: You already know your school building inside and out.

7. THEN: You didn’t have any work to worry about for the first couple of weeks.

NOW: First day of school means first day of classwork and homework.

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