First Day 2: First Dance Recap, Episode Two: Déjà Boo

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First Day 2 First DanceAt the end of the last ep of First Day 2: First Dance, Taylor calls up Rosie to tell her the same news as the day before. We obvs know that Rosie’s about to experience the whole day again, but she’s convinced that it was all a dream. So, rather than try to stop the whole being-framed-for-stealing-Whitney’s-iPod-and then-getting-suspended sitches, she allows for the day to play out pretty much the exact same way as the last time. (Little lesson for you, readers: If you know exactly what’s going to happen to you throughout the day, at least try to cut out the sucky parts!)

But a few deets were changed. Did JT still end up with Whitney at the end? Find out!

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