First Day 2: First Dance Recap, Episode One: Totes Adorbs

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First Day 2 First DanceIf you’ve ever seen First Day, then you’ll understand the gist. But if you haven’t, let us bring you up to speed. First Day surrounds Cassie Mitchell’s humiliating first day of school, which she had to suffer through over and over until she got it right (whatever that means). Now, Rosie Rovello’s forced to undergo the same torture in First Day 2: First Dance

After a wake-up call from her BFF Taylor, Rosie learns that her crush, JT, wants to ask her to the dance. You would think that’d be awesome… ‘cept Rosie’s frenemy, Whitney, wants him, too. As a completely unfair result, Rosie gets framed for stealing something from Whitney that she received at their “Secret Psych” gift giveaway. Ugh!

Will Rosie be able to make it to the dance? Or does Whitney get what she wants? Find out by watching the premiere episode!

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