7 First Date Expectations and How They Actually Turn Out

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From what we see on TV and in the movies, first dates are filled with rainbows and butterflies. But, for everyone’s who’s been in the position of going on an awkward first date, we know that’s not usually the case. Don’t get us wrong — dating is a wonderful part of growing up — but sometimes it can be downright tough! Ah, the joys of dating. Keep reading to see all the things you wish would happen on a first date versus what actually ends up going down:

1. Expectation: He’ll knock on your door and give you a bouquet of roses.

Reality: He honks his horn to alert you that he’s at your house.

2. Expectation: He’s wearing a crisp button-down-shirt and you’re in a fun flirty sundress.

Reality: You’re both in sweatpants.

3. Expectation: He chooses to take you to a fancy, romantic restaurant.

Page to Premiere

Page to Premiere

Reality: You hit up the local pizza place and share a few slices.

Food Riot

Food Riot

4. Expectation: You take forever to order dinner because you’re too involved in a deep conversation to look at the menu.

Reality: You run out of random topics to talk about before your drinks arrive.

5. Expectation: He’ll offer to pay for dinner.

Reality: He ‘forgets’ his wallet.

6. Expectation: You’ll have a sweet goodnight kiss.

Reality: This happens:

7. Expectation: He’ll text you first thing the next day.

Reality: You never hear from him again.

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