The 8 Stages of Surviving Your First Breakup

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Breakups suck; There’s no way to sugarcoat it. But getting through your first breakup is particularly tough, especially when you’re the one who got broken up with. Luckily, many people have also dealt with getting over the end of a relationship and are very open about the the stages of grief that will likely occur. We’ve all been there, girls, and we’re here for you! Keep reading and share your own breakup survival tips in the comments below!

1. Denial. That didn’t just happen, right? Once morning rolls around, all will be back to normal.

2. Realization. When you realize that it wasn’t a dream, you’re left with the question, “Now what?”

3. Numbness. There may come a point where you don’t feel anything at all. And that’s totally OK!

4. Anger. Your thoughts goes a little something like this, “SERIOUSLY?! Well I’m too good for him anyway!”

5. Sadness. When the anger fades, immense sadness is a normal reaction. A breakup is a huge, tough life change!

6. Contemplation. You probably caught yourself thinking of every possible way to get him back. From begging to buying gifts, you’ve thought of ’em all.

7. Companionship. Being alone is great, but a key part to surviving a breakup is to have the support of your best friends.

8. Acceptance. There’s a pivotal moment after a breakup where you, well, just don’t really care anymore! You realize that you can’t change things and need to start moving on.

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