12 Horrible Lessons You Took Away from Finding Nemo

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Most of you remember Finding Nemo as the adorable story about a clownfish and his dad, but there are some things you might have missed. If you look back that the hilarious and, yes, adorable film, you’ll notice that there are some seriously twisted life lessons. Nemo and his dad Marlin aren’t the best role models, trust us.

If you thought Tangled‘s life lessons were bad, you will be shocked by what you were taught in Finding Nemo and didn’t digest. SO many hidden messages.

1. Father knows best. Ya, this is not always true. Parents do know a lot of things, but in Nemo’s case his dad being SO protective actually backfired, so trusting yourself is actually a good thing.

2. Being a kid makes you helpless. Just because Nemo is young makes him totally helpless in his dad’s mind, which is SO messed up. He is way stronger than anyone gives him credit for.

3. Abandoning someone is totally fine. When Marlin decides to leave Dory because she is “slowing him down,” it pulls at our heartstrings. Leaving someone alone is NEVER okay, especially when you know he/she suffers from short-term memory loss.

4. Trusting a stranger is okay. Alright, so Dory turns out to be totally harmless, but the fact that Marlin befriends a total stranger on his journey is super unsafe. He’s an adult, he should know better!

5. Sharks are friendly. Bruce and his toothy friends basically held an AA meeting, and documented the last times they each ate a fish. “Fish are friends, no food.” But you witnessed what happens when the smell of blood is involved. “Just one bite!”

6. Giving into peer pressure makes you cool. When Nemo touches “the butt” to be cool ,he ends up getting captured, which proves that peer pressure is NOT worth giving into.

7. Dentists are terrifying. Yes, dentists are scary sometimes, but they aren’t evil like this movie makes you believe. Plus, if you brush your teeth every day you should be totally fine.

8. Small equals weak. Again, poor Nemo gets picked on for being small and different, which is mean and stupid. He ends up be super heroic and helping others escape their doom, yet he is seen as weak? It makes no sense. Your size doesn’t have anything to do with how strong you are as a person.

Tumblr (chrissiwinni)

Tumblr (chrissiwinni)

9. Bad children get presents. Darla is the worst, but she always gets a fish from her uncle? What a twisted world she lives in. Bad kids should not get rewarded, sorry.

10. Asking for help is dumb. WRONG. Asking for help is not a sign of being stupid, it’s actually a smart thing to do. Unlike Marlin, Dory totally gets that asking for directions is the right thing to do, duh.

Tumblr (wheredreamscometrue--roleplay)

Tumblr (wheredreamscometrue–roleplay)

11. Being mean to people is acceptable. Come on, Marlin is SO mean for no real reason and it is not okay or normal.

Tumblr (totalfilm)

Tumblr (totalfilm)

12. Singing makes things better. Yes, Dory singing is ah-mazing, but in real life, singing doesn’t automatically make things better. Sorry.

Tumblr (kpfun)

Tumblr (kpfun)

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