Take a Crack at ‘Find Franklin,’ The Difficult Corgi-Themed Guessing Game

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Now, we’re big fans of Corgis here, which you might have figured out from this recent post about 10 of the most adorable Corgis, but there’s another Corgi lover out there who is taking things to the next level. A Corgi owner who has a pup named Franklin recently launched a guessing game called  “Find Franklin” where they provide various, seemingly boring photos that have the cute Corgi hidden in each of them.

One photo is your average children’s playground, another is a couch with tons of blankets, while another shows a pile of leaves. To the untrained eye, it really looks like there isn’t anything there — but rest assured, there is a cute little Corgi hidden in each of the photos.

Whether you see Franklin’s pointy ears peeking out through a surface, or maybe his eyes shine a little brighter than the rest of the photo, this is a fun guessing game any dog lover can appreciate. Also, if you have as much trouble spotting the pup as we did, you’ll be happy to know that the owner puts the photos up on their Facebook page after the original photo is posted, and tags the location of Franklin. Seriously, we cannot find in in a couple of the photos.


Hint: It’s just his ears in this one.


Can you spot Franklin in this one?

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