5 Crazy Theories That’ll Make You Look at Finding Dory a Whole New Way

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Finding Nemo is full of fan theories, so of course its sequel has a bunch, too.

It’s been over a month since Finding Dory hit theaters, and we still can’t get enough of it. (Seriously, bebe Dory is our spirit animal. 1… 2… 3… umm, 4… I like sand. Sand is squishy.) So, we went on a mission to find out what others are saying about the aquatic flick. And, as we suspected, there were a bunch of hypotheses surrounding it.

While it negates the FN theory that Dory’s faking her memory loss, considering you see her backstory, it does offer up a bunch of other ones. Here are the theories that’ll make you look at the already-beloved tale a whole new way:

1. It’s connected to The Pixar Theory. Like all the other Pixar film before it, including Inside Out, someone found a way to link it to every one of the animated flicks. (Though, this one was fairly easy to connect, considering it’s just an add-on to the OG tale.)

See how here.

2. What really happened to Hank’s tentacle. While the octopus septopus leads the audience to believe that a child ripped off his eighth limb — hence, why he doesn’t like being touched by the tiny humans — one Reddit user has a different theory.

“The reason Hank is being rehabilitated in the institute and fears going back into the ocean is that he was attacked by a shark and lost a tentacle in the encounter,” the writer hypothesizes.

1. He claims he had a terrible experience in the ocean, so he’s terrified of being released back into it. 2. He’s spotted eating animal crackers and tosses one of ’em away, uneaten… in the shape of a shark! Coincidence?



3. Gerald the Season Lion suffers from a disorder. The inspiration behind the best meme in the world is causing a bit of controversy among viewers. Apparently, people are disappointed at Disney-Pixar for poking fun at an autistic character. Mind you, the company never said the character was there for anything other than comedic relief, but you know the deal with the public — there’s always something.

4. The reason why fish can read all of a sudden. In the first film, Marlin, a seemingly well-educated clownfish, couldn’t read; but Dory, a blue tang fish that suffers from short-term memory loss, could. While there was no explanation given in Finding Nemo, the fish’s ability to read in P.2 makes sense.

The fish in the aquarium are also able to read, as well as Peaches, the starfish in the first film. Since Dory was also born and raised in the aquarium, you can conclude that they all learned by the words surrounding them, while the fish in the ocean never have words to look at. Pretty logical and straightforward.

5. The Institute is a lab for genetic experiments. There’s a Reddit user who believes that the Institute is a front for a bioengineering lab. “It also can explain Dory’s short-term memory loss — that is an error in the experiments.”

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