9 Songs Performed by a Fifth Harmony Girl & Other (Non-5H) Musicians

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So much Fifth Harmony dramz this week, we can’t stand it. One minute, the group is performing at Jingle Ball, the next, Camila Cabello quits 5H, leaving fellow members Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane Hansen & Normani Kordei in the dust.

The 19-year-old Latina clapped back after the rest of the ladies claimed her reps informed them of her December 18 departure, but they didn’t take her words lying down. Instead, they fired back with another notice, claiming that they’re just as “hurt” and “confused” as fans are by the news.

Though it’s sad for us to think about 2017 — since the five of them won’t be performing together ever again — in a way, the girls have been getting us used to the idea of them going solo for some time now. Look at all the times a 5H girl performed a tune with other (non-5H) musicians:

1. “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” Camila Cabello + Shawn Mendes — The first of what would become a trend for the now-departed 5H girl, it reached the top 20 on the US Billboard 100 AND on the Canadian Hot 100. “IKWYDLS” was released as the lead single off Shawn’s debut solo album, Handwritten, in 2015.

“It’s been so difficult to watch people criticize me and my intentions,” she told Seventeen earlier this year. “It’s been s*itty. They turned me [doing the song] into a conspiracy theory. We literally just wrote a song backstage, and it ended up becoming something awesome. It wasn’t a career move that I carefully planned out.” ‘Wasn’t a career move,’ huh?

2. “Power in Me,” Camila Cabello + Benny Blanco — Thankfully, unlike Cam’s first non-5H music venture, this track received a ton of praise — for a VERY good reason, BTW — despite the fact that it’s also without the other 5H ladies. Here’s why: The 19-year-old brunette beauty and producer Benny Blanco joined forces with OMG Everywhere, a nonprofit that hosts free arts workshops for kids, and the Get Well Soon Tour to record a song with six youths from New York City in the name of charity. The twist: They couldn’t use any actual instruments. So, instead, the group gathered materials ranging from a box of tissues to a vacuum cleaner. It’s so cool! The result: “Power in Me.”

3. “Bad Things,” Camila Cabello + Machine Gun Kelly — Camila’s first foray outside the girl group was one of the greatest jams of 2015. And it seems like her latest collaboration sans 5H is headed the same direction… but it’s NOTHING like her duet with Shawn.

“The first time I heard the song, I felt an instant connection to it,” CC told Billboard, describing how the “haunting” intro goes right into her angelic vocal. “To me it’s sexy, but I didn’t really think about it as being edgy and a step further, because it represents feelings about love that I related to.”

4. “Back to Me,” Lauren Jauregui + Marian Hill — Lau currently has no plans to go strictly solo (as far as we know), but she did dabble in some tunage outside the fivesome now-foursome this year, via “Back to Me.”

“Being able to form a genuine connection with [Marian Hill’s Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol] and then write together on this track was such an honor,” she told The Fader. “I’m happy to be able to give people a snippet of my vibe for the first time in collaboration with them. I’m very proud of this track, so I hope everyone enjoys it.”

5. “All 2 U,” Dinah Jane Hansen + Stunna June — It was a short collaboration, with barely any talk attached to it. But, rapper Stunna June, did write an appreciative note for DJH on Instagram, saying, “slidin’ thru n workin wit me.. we go crazy!”

6. “Time After Time,” Ally Brooke + Echosmith’s Sydney Sierota — The cover is haunting.

7. “Melt with You,” Ally Brooke + Echosmith’s Sydney Sierota — And another.

8. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” & “Silent Night,” Ally Brooke + Echosmith’s Sydney Sierota — THIS NEEDS TO BE LONGER so we can BLAST IT rn.

9. “Merry Christmas, Darling,” Ally Brooke + Charlie Puth — ’tis the season for great Ally Brooke Xmas tunes.

Still waitin’ on this, FYI:

A lot of ladies go solo while still part of a girl group: