All the Beautiful Celebrities Who Look Like a Fifth Harmony Girl’s Twin

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Epic Records

Everything is coming up Fifth Harmony! Now that the young women’s second studio album, 7/27, is finally available, people can’t stop talking about the girl group that finished in third place on the second season of The X Factor USA. The Reflection album was already THE jam of 2015, and it sounds like the 5H girls are prepared to make 2016 their own, too.

Keeping up with the 5H train, we’re looking at all the famous beauties’ celebrity doppelgangers ’cause, well, why the heck not? Here are all the equally-beautiful stars who look like a Fifth Harmony girl’s twin:

1. Megan Fox — The Transformers actress has a piercing set of to-die-for eyes and a head of luxurious raven-colored locks. Sounds — and, more specifically, looks — an awful lot like our very own Lauren Jauregui, does it not?

2. Beyonce — Side by side, it’s hard to argue against the likenesses between the one and only Queen Bey and Dinah-Jane Hansen.

3. Diane Guerrero — The Orange is the New Black actress could totally pass for Camila Cabello‘s older sister. Especially with her matching nose.

4. Ciara — The singer is IDENTICAL to Normani Kordei. Case closed.

5. Jennifer LopezAlly Brooke gives total JLo vibes on the daily. Hair, eyes, skin tone — Ally’s the mini version of the famed diva!


ICYMI, we got Ally Brooke to spill on Fifth Harmony’s new album, 7/27! Watch here:

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