‘Fan’ Attacks 5H Girl’s Dead Loved One, & Now Harmonizers Are Losing Their S*it

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The Fifth Harmony girls haven’t been having such great luck with keeping their personal lives private lately. It was just last week that Camila Cabello’s iClous was hacked and her direct messages and texts were released on the Internet, and now another member of 5H has had her privacy invaded. And believe it or not, it’s about a million times worse than what happened to her bandmate.

Just a few hours after Lauren Jauregui posted a picture remembering her late grandmother, the 19-year-old singer showed one of the horrible downsides of fame. Apparently, a ‘fan’ had somehow gotten her hands on the brunette’s cellphone number and proceeded to send her a serious of absolutely disgusting text messages making fun of the loss of her loved one.

Instead of letting the bully get away with her actions, the “Worth It” crooner decided to screenshot the notes, along with the person’s phone number, and post it to Twitter with the hopes of getting 5H fans to “harass the f***” out of her.



Lauren then took a baby step back and also asked Harmonizers to “pray” for the people who raised the bully.

As expected, fans of the girl group were absolutely appalled and began sending angry tweets to the mentioned Twitter account as well as texts to the number. (Editor’s note: These are some of the tame ones)

The social media user has since gone on private, changed her name to “Lauren Bullied Me!!” and updated her Twitter header to a screenshot of Ms. Jauregui’s tweet. All we can say is, ‘WTF?!’ It’s so sad that there are such disgusting people in the world.

At least Lauren has her 5H girls to support her always…

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