Fans Post Photos/Video of Bodyguard’s Threats After 5H Defends Security Team

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Fandom feuds happen all the time. Directioners vs. #5SOSFam, Harmonizers vs. Mixers, Smilers vs. Barbz… You know the deal. What’s even more sad, though, is when the fans fight with the person/people they idolize. We know that now ’cause of some Harmonizers’ recent beef with the most popular girl group of the moment, Fifth Harmony.

Here’s the scoop: The beautiful fivesome is on tour in Brazil, a country in which many 5H fans live or visit. Sadly, though, after an incident with the girl group’s security team, one fan claimed she was abused by the musicians’ security team at their hotel. And Lauren Jauregui, Dinah-Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello, Ally Brooke & Normani Kordei are NOT having it. They released the following statement, defending their bodyguards:

“We have been really busy working and making sure that you guys have as amazing of an experience with us as possible,” they started. “But we feel like sometimes you guys forget that there are only 5 of us versus the hundreds of you. Our security team is set up and in place to protect us and out privacy when people go beyond normal boundaries. We’ve seen all over Twitter outrage over one of our security guards attacking and trying to inappropriately touch one of our fans and we wanted to put out a statement calling out this lie. We were there. The girl tried to come to Lauren and Dinah’s doors and the security we hired were with us speaking to us and making sure we were safe. We saw this girl lie to them about where she was staying and where her actual room was, tell them to ‘shut the f*** up and stop talking’ and then proceed to try and lunge towards Lauren’s room so she could get a note to her.”

They continued, “The security guards who ushered her away and made sure she didn’t follow through were doing their jobs of protecting us. Especially in light of recent events like the shooting, we can’t ever be too safe with our personal space and protection. The security guard did nothing but try to make sure the girl went back down the stairs to where she was actually staying. She combated and fought to break free of their directing her and in the process was shouting that they were touching her and trying to take her clothes off.”

“Four of us were out there and experience this scene with our own eyes,” they added. Not one security guard inappropriately touched or harmed anyone. They would never intentionally harm any one of our fans. Resisting doing what you’re being asked politely to do and getting hurt in the process isn’t anyone’s fault but your own. We will continue to support our security team in making sure that they protect the boundaries so many people seem to think they’re entitled to disrespect.”

“We’re sorry for any inconvenience but we do not appreciate people lying about our team and costing people their jobs just so they can get extra attention from us. We’d appreciate if you recognized that when you disrespect our team and their hard work, you’re disrespecting us. Sincerely, Dinah, Lauren, Ally, Camila, and Normani,” they concluded.

While some fans did support Fifth Harmony’s statement, others posted pictures/video proof of the security team’s threats, shutting down the girl group’s words:

We’re sure that hundreds of thousands of fans constantly hounding you for a selfie can get scary, and many were not present at the time of the aforementioned “attack,” so it’s hard to speculate. But, just to be clear, threatening people with violence of any sort is never the answer. Just sayin’.
This isn’t the first time the Fifth Harmony has been at the center of negative attention. Here are some of the biggest disses that have been thrown at the girl group: