All the Signs That Lead to Fifth Harmony’s Indefinite Hiatus

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Not that it makes the news of Fifth Harmony‘s indefinite hiatus any easier to accept, but looking back, there were plenty of signs that the band had been heading that way for a while…

The first sign that 5H was probably headed for a long break came when Camila Cabello announced her exit from the group back in December 2016. The remaining ladies put on a united front, but with only four members, the group technically wasn’t “Fifth” Harmony anymore. Even with the girls promising that staying together was their top priority, there’s no way Camila’s solo success didn’t make the remaining members think about what projects they’d like to pursue as individuals down the line.

Cut to August 2017, and 5H’s self-titled third album came out. While Harmonizers loved the album, it didn’t really elevate the group from its 2016 album, 7/27. And at this point, all the other girls are already starting to work on music and other career endeavors outside the group.

Normani Kordei joined Dancing with the Stars, and signed a deal as a solo artist with a new manager in 2017. She also came out with the single “Love Lies” with Khalid in February. Ally Brooke worked on some outside tracks with Lost Kings and DJ Topic, and also signed as a solo artist with Britney Spears‘ manager. Lauren Jauregui found success with tracks with Steve Aoki and Halsey, and moved to Columbia Records to release a solo album. And Dinah Jane released a Latin pop song with Daddy Yankee and French Montana. All these solo projects and solo management signings were clear warnings that, although the girls loved working together, they were all ready to spread their wings and follow in Camila’s solo footsteps.

Of course, on top of all this was the cancellation of the group’s 2018 Australian tour and the fact that split rumors have loomed over the group pretty much since the band formed in 2012 on The X Factor. Other bands that were formed from similar types of competition shows also all eventually dissipated or took indefinite hiatuses, including our beloved One Direction.

So with all of that in mind, can we really be shocked at the Fifth Harmony girls deciding to go their separate ways for now? Probably not. The only saving grace here is that part of the statement the ladies put out explained that the purpose of the break was so that they could allow themselves to “gain new experiences, strengths and perspectives that we can bring back to our Fifth Harmony family.” This at least proves that they are committed to getting back together for some time, at some point, but for now, we should focus on the positive side — like how many absolute BANGERS these ladies are going to be bringing us in the near future.