Fifth Harmony Girl Falls Victim to the Worst (Yet Funny AF) Photoshop Fail

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The Fifth Harmony girls really know how to work from home. Whether it’s on stage or in a music video, their bad-ass attitudes shine through, especially Ally Brooke‘s. Right from her X Factor audition, in which she continued to sing well after the background music was turned off, you knew she was a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps that’s because she always starts off on the right foot? (Don’t worry, you’ll get the pun in a sec.)

The fierce fivesome is currently gracing the cover of Billboard magazine, so, natch, all the stills from the photo shoot are making their way around the Internet. But there’s one shot — of Ally, in particular — that has everyone talking:



At first glance, you’d probably say, “YAAAS!” As per youge, the young women look gorgeous… but, upon further inspection, there’s something off about Ally’s body. Can you spot it? The 22-year-old singer sure did:

Yes, somehow, AB was Photoshopped to have zero left feet and two right ones. Like… WTF happened over there, Billboard?? We’re quite certain that Harmonizers would’ve spotted the flaw years ago if it existed IRL, so we’re gonna this up to a technical error; a really awful (albeit funny AF) technical error.

Of course, Ally’s not the first celebrity to suffer from a bad magazine Photoshop job. These eight gorgeous stars fell victim to the same treatment: