6 Ways People Have Turned Fidget Spinners Into Beauty Products

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Fidget spinners have officially taken over the world. Like, you can’t walk more than half a block in New York City without running into an aggressive salesperson basically harassing you to buy one of the cheapo plastic toys. But while most people probably own at LEAST one FS, we think there may be a few out there who are currently asking themselves, “What the heck is a fidget spinner?”

It’s literally a small, somewhat-triangular piece of plastic or metal that rotates on one point of axis in between your fingers if you spin it manually. We don’t really understand why playing with them is so addicting, but if you’ve fidgeted with one before, you’ll understand what we mean — these things are like crack (…not that we know what crack is like)!

While fidget spinners were apparently created to help people relieve stress and anxiety, concentrate in school and at work, etc., they’ve since taken on whole new uses. It all started with people using them to do crazy stunts, including balancing them on their own appendages, pets and everyday household objects. But now, fidget-spinner enthusiasts are bored again, so they started thinking of ways to re-purpose said toys. And what did they come up with? A bizarre assortment of beauty and hair products, that’s what.

You’d probably assume that using a fidget spinner to curl your hair or contour your face would be a HUGE mess, but TBH — it’s actually not that bad. In some cases, we’d even say the experiments were successful — we’re not sure if we love this information or hate it. You can decide if you’re a fan of the trend of turning an everyday spinner into a product that belongs on your vanity or not — we’re not here to judge you either way!