8 TV Teachers Who Scandalously Dated a Student on a Teen TV Show

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There are probably a lot of us out there who, at some point or another, have had a crush on a teacher. Even so, we’ve gotta admit that if they ever showed any interest back it would be seriously creepy. Not only is it considered statutory rape if you’re under 18, there’s definitely an unhealthy power dynamic going on there that would make us want to run away… fast.

Yet, time and time again, we see steamy student-teacher relationships introduced on our favorite television shows as cute and sexy couplings that aren’t creepy at all. Why is that?! Most of these illegal affairs end in tearful goodbyes and the teachers end up dropping everything to leave town instead of face the scandal. Every once in a while, the results are somehow even more shocking… in good and bad ways. Check out the gallery below to see seven TV teachers who scandalously coupled up with a student: