Fenty Beauty’s Replacing a Fan’s Stolen Products ’cause RiRi’s a Literal Angel

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Fans of Rihanna have been totally shook by Fenty Beauty since its launch last September, and just this week, the cosmetics brand announced its “Beach Please” collection, which is set to hit the shelves as soon as April 6th.

So far, the Rihanna Navy is loving all of Fenty Beauty’s current products, including the wide variety of foundations, the Match Stix Trios and even the lipsticks! And, since they love the makeup so much, many would agree that it would be a total disaster if, suddenly, their Fenty Beauty products disappeared, or worse — if they were stolen.

Sadly, though, we regret to inform you that, for one Fenty Beauty consumer, this is a reality. That’s right, Bad Gal stans! A woman named Chiara took to Twitter earlier this week to explain that, yes, she’d been robbed and that, yes, everything was taken… including her Fenty Beauty products. Say it isn’t so!

We know… it’s terrible! But, before you panic over this makeup tragedy, please know that the company came through that same day to help Chiara replace the stolen items. In response to her tweet about the makeup burglary, Fenty Beauty told her to send a DM so that the brand could get on the case.

Just like you, we were pleasantly surprised by the excellent show of customer service from the makeup brand. If we weren’t already completely obsessed with the products themselves, Fenty Beauty’s customer service — especially on social media — is enough to make us want to buy all the FB merch. We mean, look how happy they made her:

We’ve got to be honest… getting robbed is an absolutely terrible thing, but we’re so glad that, for Chiara, there’s a happy ending and she’ll be getting all of her products back. RiRi and the members of her team are literal angels!