7 Female YA Movie Stars Whose Naked Pictures Leaked Online

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Even though hacker Ryan Collins recently admitted to starting a phishing scheme to gain access to multiple celebrities’ personal iCloud and email accounts and pleaded guilty to breaking into “at least 50 iCloud accounts and 72 Gmail accounts,” he did NOT plead guilty to the actual leak itself. So while the man will most likely do a few years in prison, it is clearly not nearly enough punishment for his disgusting actions done to some of your favorite, mostly female, stars.

While Jennifer Lawrence is probably the most notable celebrity to have her personal pictures leaked in the now-infamous hack, many other female stars — specifically YA movie actresses — were also affected. But even before ‘The Fappening’ was a thing, some other women who starred in on-screen adaptations of young-adult novels also had their privacy violated to the extreme when their personal NSFW photos ended up online.