6 TV Co-Stars Who Shared a Boyfriend in Real Life

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Although it may seem like it is, Hollywood isn’t a very big town. Figurative Hollywood, we mean. Everyone dates everyone else, who then go on to work with the same group of people. It all becomes mush, in the end, with everyone having complicated ~history~ with all of their peers.

Much like finding yourself becoming close friends with someone who’s dated someone that you’ve also dated, or ending up working on the same film or TV set as someone you used to date, it isn’t all that uncommon to discover that one of your co-stars actually went out with the same person you did.`Actually, it’s happened quite a few times with a bunch of super-famous co-stars on shows that you love (or, at least, once loved) who we’re betting you’ve completely forgotten having dating histories that overlap. Like, six times, in particular: