11 Female Singers Who Wrote Heartbreaking Songs About Their Dads

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Celebrities often sing tributes to their mothers or fathers, thanking them for all that they’ve done, etc. But sometimes they even write songs about things they want to get off their chest, especially if their relationship is hanging on by a thread. Maybe they have no relationship at all, which then becomes way more frustrating.

These female singers get so emotional over their fathers that it inspires them to record songs detailing what they’re going through. Some of these fathers are now, or remain on good terms with their daughters, while others still don’t care and some have passed away. Check out the list of singers who wrote these heartbreaking songs; maybe you’d be able to relate:

1. Demi Lovato — This relationship never quite got a chance to reach its full potential, which is one of the reasons why she wrote the song “Father” about estranged dad Patrick Lovato, who was abusive and suffered with mental illness. He died before this song was released.


2. Ellie Goulding — Her parents divorced when she was 5-years-old and the song “I Know You Care” shows that she no longer harbors ill feelings towards her father Arthur Goulding, who abandoned her all those years ago.


3. Lindsay Lohan — As seen in the music video for the song “Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)” about her dad Michael Lohan, and stories in tabloids from back in the day, there’s no denying the stormy relationship these two had together. As of today, they’re still on the outs.


4. Cher Lloyd — On a lighter note, this sentimental song “Goodnight” is about her father Darren Lloyd, who she loves so dearly. Just having long distance between them makes her heart ache — Cher’s the ultimate daddy’s girl.


5. Lady Gaga — It’s a parent’s lifelong duty to care for their children and in the song “Speechless” Gaga is returning the favor as she pleads with her father Joseph Germanotta, to undergo open-heart surgery. This record was actually released a month after her dad finally had the surgical procedure done.


6. Christina Aguilera — The worst thing that could ever happen is to have things left unsaid after a loved one has died and that happened in the song “Hurt” about her abusive father Fausto Xavier Aguilera, who passed away less than a year before this song ever came to be.


7. Kelly Clarkson — Some people just don’t understand the gift of having a child in their life and she penned the song “Piece by Piece,” which was inspired by her father, Stephen Michael Clarkson, who left her at a young age. Kelly also wrote “Because of You” about her parents’ divorce explaining how he’s the reason she’ll prevent that life experience from happening in her future.

8. Madonna — After her mother died from breast cancer when she was a toddler, she grew distant from her dad Silvio Ciccone and wrote the song “Oh Father” during an emotional period. Her father remarried two years after her mother passed and had two more children, which upset her, but they’re cool now. 🙂


9. Mariah Carey — In a similar situation, the song “Bye Bye” is a truly, sad dialogue between Mariah and her deceased father Alfred Roy Carey, who she grew apart from years before he lost his battle with cancer.


10. Fefe Dobson — By the nature of these lyrics it’s clear that the song “Unforgiven” is about her father who deserted her during her adolescent and teen years. However, they’ve got a cute little daddy-daughter thing going on now, so good for them!


11. Sky Ferreira — This dark song “Sad Dream” is rumored to be about her relationship with her father, who she didn’t really grow up with because she was mostly raised by her grandmother (Michael Jackson’s former hairdresser).

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