11 Female Singers Who Went Out of Their Way to Defend Justin Bieber

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Female Singers Defended Justin Bieber


It’s been a full decade since Justin Bieber was first discovered and we’ve watched him evolve into one of the biggest stars in Hollywood ever since. However, since the now-24-year-old basically grew up in the spotlight, we all watched him navigate his teenage years and, yes, make tons of mistakes — but LBR, who didn’t?!

Over the years, we’ve watched as JB got into public brawls with paparazzi, egg his neighbor’s house, drive recklessly, get arrested and even pee in a bucket as he stared into the eyes of former president Abraham Lincoln. In other words, he’s no stranger to trouble.

Even through his poor decisions, though, there have been several women in the music industry who’ve had his back. Wanna know who defended The Biebs despite all of his wild antics? Check it out: