8 Popular Female Singers Who Were the Victims of a Home Burglary

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It’s no secret that celebrities are easy targets for burglars looking to make some quick (not to mention BIG) money. Ever since the “Bling Ring” robberies, which spanned from October 2008 to August 2009, and involved a young group of locals invading celebrity homes and heisting more than $3 million in items, a lot of attention has been put on more celebrities who fall victim to criminals looking to make lucrative scores.

Security has certainly been upped with the number of high-profile people getting robbed rising. Demi Lovato almost became another victim, but when a man climbed a ladder onto the balcony of her home, dogs began furiously barking, and the singer’s live-in house manager ran to the phone and called 9-1-1, so the perp left.

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“The primary reason criminals target famous people is because it’s easy to acquire their social calendars,” says Kris Herzog, owner of security firm The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills. But until stars begin lowering their public profiles, like sharing personal information on social media, they will likely continue to be potential victims. Hopefully, the following eight female singers have taken note after their homes were invaded: