10 Female Nickelodeon Stars Who Are All Grown Up & Have Kids of Their Own

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Since the Nickelodeon network started in the late ’70s, it has become one of the most popular television stations for kids, tweens and teens alike (& if we’re being honest… adults, too!). As we grow up, our favorite TV stars do the same. Some even decide to leave Nick altogether to take on more serious acting parts with other networks. However, others leave the kid-friendly channel completely to take on what is possibly their most important and influential role: motherhood.

You already know the 14 (!!) Nickelodeon guys who became proud papas post-Nick, but now let’s give a shout out to the ladies who also joined the parenthood club! While they might be permanently saved in our memories as youngsters, we’re breaking down the 10 Nickelodeon actresses who now have children of their own… some of these kids are even old enough to star on a teen TV show at this point!