6 Popular Female Artists Who Lost a Major Music Award to Their Famous Ex

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If there’s one thing that should deter everyone from wanting to be a celebrity, it’s the prospect of dating in the public eye. Getting constantly asked about relationships is only one of many struggles that celebs have to deal with — they’re also stuck with the responsibility of announcing their breakups to avoid fan confusion and then there’s always the risk of awkwardly running into a former flame at a flashy Hollywood party. And if you thought a run-in is awk, imagine being nominated for the same award as an ex… and then having THEM win! Even if you’re not petty AF, that’s gotta hurt.

Losing sucks. It sucks even more when you lose to someone you have a ~history~ with. So for these six female artists, it must have been pretty effing awful missing out on a major music award to their celeb ex.