12 Female Musicians Who Dated One of Her Backup Dancers

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We know that mixing business with pleasure can be a risky move. When TV show co-stars hook up, it rarely ends in wedded bliss and can even sometimes lead to a character getting killed off. So, while everyone wants to be in a power couple, it makes the involved parties seriously vulnerable if things end badly.

But why should actors and actresses get to have all the naughty fun? A lot of flirty ladies in the music industry don’t give an F about kissing/dating/marrying(!) someone with whom they work side-by-side with and, in fact, some of these ladies seem like they prefer hooking up with the peeps making them look good on stage. (We’ve got a couple repeat offenders!). Check out the gallery below to see which of your fave female artists have taken their relationship backstage with one of her backup dancers: