14 Female Musicians Who Actually Had the Nerve to Diss Beyonce

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It’s no secret that we love Beyonce. And who doesn’t? Even bad*ss babes like Michelle Obama and Serena Williams are fans, dressing up as the Grammy-winning artist to help celebrate her 36th birthday last week. And as for all of us peasants who didn’t get an invite to her party, we’d do the same if given the chance. We think the woman is an absolute goddess and have since way back when she was simply known as a member of Destiny’s Child.

Now, whether she’s killing it on the red carpet, belting it out on the stage, or posing for the most epic pregnancy pics we’ve ever seen, she’s #goals in every sense of the word.

But not everyone thinks the “Formation” singer is the best thing since sliced bread. Yeah, you read that right. Believe it or not, other female musicians have thrown major shade at Queen Bey over the years. And there aren’t just a few — we’re talking more artists than you can count on both hands. To make things even worse, the disses don’t just come from jealous underdogs, but from some big-named celebs, as well.

Before you get too upset, don’t worry. It’s not like Beyonce will ever let disrespect throw her off her game, or stop her from doing her thang. (Have you listened to Lemonade?) No matter what the haters say, she’s still the second most award-winning artist of all time, only following Michael Jackson. She’s also worth about $350 million and is one of the top five most-followed celebs on Instagram.

Still curious as to who would dare insult someone this ***flawless, this irreplaceable? We were, too. And what we found when we looked into it was a little surprising and a lot upsetting. But before you let that righteous anger get the best of you, just sit back, relax, and remember — she’s gonna keep running the world NMW.