10 Female Artists Who Were Slammed for Racism in Their Music Videos

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Our society is getting more liberal every day. Inequality based on gender, sexuality and/or race is becoming more of a public conversation and concern, and people, including big-time celebrities are finally speaking out about the change that they want to see in the world and working to start achieving a better and more accepting society.

Yet, even still, some celebrities are getting it wrong. Stars are constantly under fire for misrepresenting diverse groups of people — especially when it comes to cultural appropriation (taking pieces from a different culture for your own benefit, sometimes at the offense of the authentic culture) and sometimes their representations are also just flat-out racist. What’s even worse is how unapologetic some of these stars can be about their unintended racism and the people they’ve offended. Here are 10 female artists who were slammed for racism in their music videos & DGAF: