10 Female K-Pop Groups That We Sadly Had to Say Goodbye to This Past Year

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It should be clear by know that South Korean pop music has taken over the United States, and we’re not complaining. It all started when BTS performed live on U.S. television for the first time at the 2017 American Music Awards and our obsession with the group, and K-Pop, has just gotten bigger. Although TONS of people love and want to work with BTS, the troupe isn’t the only popular K-Pop group that you should be listening to.

We have gotten to learn a lot about Korean music and the people who work so hard to break into the industry. One thing that we have noticed is that there are dozens of active bands and groups that are doing everything they can to produce great music, and a lot of them have been in the business for YEARS. We love seeing groups earn the recognition they deserve, but we also realized that in 2017 alone we had to say goodbye to at least 10 awesome female K-Pop groups. As sad as it is to know that the group will never work together again, it is nice knowing that we can still jam out their music whenever we want.