7 Female Disney Stars Who Posed Topless on Magazine Covers

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“You can’t turn a bad girl good”
’cause “when a good girl’s gone bad — she’s gone forever”–Jay Z, “Song Cry”

These former Disney Channel princesses either went off the deep end in an attempt to shed their Disney skin or they just simply wanted to express themselves and act grown up. Everyone should have a vivid recollection of Lindsay Lohan‘s downward spiral. It could very well have been a phase because, after all this time and having tarnished her reputation from being that sweet little girl from The Parent Trap to a trouble-making socialite, Linds is now trying to make a mayj comeback with her reformed self. Lookin’ real healthy, too.

The redheaded actress recently posed for NO TOFU‘s magazine cover — still stripping down, but keepin’ it cute, though. A total transformation from her ‘livin’ la vida Lohan days. Some former Disney stars did the same, shooting topless all in the name of ~art~ and ~fashion~ for Flaunt, Paper and Esquire magazines, to name a few. Here are the most prime examples: