6 Female Disney Stars Who Went on a SUPER Horrible First Date

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If you’ve ever been on a date that ended badly, then you know just how incredibly awkward they can be. While you may THINK celebrities are immune to dating disasters, it turns out that they, too, understand that going out with someone for the first time has the potential to end in serious horror. Selena Gomez couldn’t get her potential bae to talk. Hilary Duff‘s dating crisis was SO bad that she won’t even go into detail. And Bella Thorne — wait for it — got her period for the first time while out with her crush. Feel a bit better about yourself yet?

In the moment of a bad first date, it’s easy to think your life is totally ruined and you’ll never be able to find love again (blah blah blah), but eventually you’ll be able to laugh at what went wrong — just like these female Disney Channel stars!