8 Girl-on-Girl Celebrity Feuds That Were Probably DEFINITELY Fake

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Hopefully this isn’t earth-shattering, brand-new information to any of our readers, but *NEWSFLASH* the world is sexist. Nothing gets people talking like a feisty catfight, which means girl-on-girl celebrity drama is just another trick in Hollywood’s arsenal to make some major money. Sure, feuds involving any gender tend to attract an audience (which is why there’s so much fake beef in the rap industry, too — Drake v. Meek Mill, anyone?), but seriously, watching women snap at one another seems to be a great American pastime.

This isn’t to say all famous dramatic rivalries are fakes. In fact, many thought Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus‘ VMA “Miley, What’s Good?” conflict was completely BS (the VMAs are known for publicity stunts crazy events), but after a thorough look at the evidence, experts in the field (a.k.a. diehard fans) have resolved that this particular confrontation was too legit to quit. Miles and Nick may been proven innocent in that case, but they both (and 14 others!) are on blast below for some other questionable “feuds” they’ve participated in before: