8 Celebrities Who Became Friends After Dating the Same Guy

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Friendships are totally complicated, even for celebrities. Like, it may seem like Taylor Swift and her squad are flawless and perfect, but they are flawed just like you. When it comes to how Hollywood’s greatest BFFs met, things are just as strange and twisted as they are in the real world. Sure, there are your adorable besties who met through Disney Channel, but not all celeb duos are that sweet and normal.

While some celebs date the same guys as their best friends do (example, T.Swift and, apparently, every one of her friends), others share the same guy, but didn’t find out until way later. In fact, numerous stars have actually met their BFF after they dated the same guy. Yes, it sounds crazy, but stars like Lily Collins and Selena Gomez became friends after they dated the hunky Taylor Lautner. See all the dynamic duos that fall into this category here: