6 Female Celebrities Who Had the Absolute WORST Valentine’s Days Ever

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Valentine’s Day — two words that can either bring you great excitement, or serious dread. NGL, being single on the holiday for love can be tough, but once you realize you’re not alone in your desire for a relationship, you won’t feel so bad. It’s easy to think celebrities have it all — fame, fortune, and perfect significant others. Sure, most of them are in relationships that are serious #goals, but dating in Hollywood is tough and they deal with less-than perfect V-Days, too.

One female star was actually broken up with on February 14th. Another’s bae threw out her gift. And then there’s Sarah Hyland, who’s Valentine’s Day mishaps happen more often than not, and usually leave her saying, “EWWWW!” So curl up with your good pals Ben and Jerry and get ready to laugh your butt off instead of cry the day away.