6 Female Celebrities Who Got Tattoos in the Same Naughty Spot

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Wrist, neck, ankle, lower back… all super-normal spots to decorate with a tattoo. Your dad probably won’t be thrilled when he sees it, but he’s not going to have a heart attack. It most likely isn’t a pretty scene, though, when parents find out about an underboob tattoo. Yes, you read that correctly: underboob tattoo — a piece of ink that is casually, carefully tucked below the breast; a boob tat, if you will.

Tons of celebs, from Demi Lovato to Adrienne Bailon, have major tattoo regrets. They often end up getting those tattoos removed or covered up with new designs. But it’s prettttty difficult to remove a tattoo near or in the boob zone. It’s a sensitive area, so the process can be very painful. (BTW, if you’re considering ink, keep in mind that lots of stars avoid pain & regret with temporary tattoos). You’re obviously curious, so scroll through these celebrity boob tats and decide for yourself if they were worth it:

1. Miley Cyrus — Miley’s body features a whole collection of odd designs — she might be the only person in the world with an avocado tattoo — but we’re not opposed to the word “breathe” under her left boob. It’s a nice little reminder to take things day by day.

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2. Rihanna — Stretching all the way from one side of her chest to the other, RiRi’s angel wings ink is the ultimate underboob tattoo. Or is that an Egyptian pharaoh? Whatever it is, it’s very Rihanna-esque.

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3. Demi Lovato — Demi has tats on both sides of her torso, and they extend underneath both tatas.

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4. Dianna Agron — Dianna dresses pretty conservatively, but bikini pics show that her “Mary had a little lamb” poem begins just under her left boob. In this shot, you can see some of the quote through the black mesh:

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5. Lea Michele — Lea has a small quote tatted under her right boob. Also, she’s, apparently, really into heavy Instagram filters.

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6. Jordin Sparks — Jordin doesn’t post many bikini pics, but when she does, she KILLS IT. Teach us how to pose, please and thank you. Her underboob tat is just the right size — noticeable, but not distracting.

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