10 Beautiful Female Celebrities You Never Noticed Have a Lopsided Smile

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What makes you different makes you beautiful — that’s what the Backstreet Boys taught us in the aptly titled tune “What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)” from the boy band’s 2000 album, Black & Blue. That’s why we’ve grown to be proud of our supposed ~imperfections~, like gap teeth and chin clefts.

Symmetry is assumed to be one of the defining characteristics of beauty. According to sCiEnCe, when considering a mate, “people’s assessment of physical beauty is mostly about symmetry.” Yet, for some reason, we can’t help but find it endearing when the exact opposite occurs, particularly in the smile department. Take, for instance, the following female celebrities — these ten actresses and/or singers are beautiful… even with their so-called flaw: a lopsided smile. Eff yeah, asymmetry!