7 Female Celebrities Who Proudly Showed Off Their Unshaven Armpits

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At some point in time, it became ~socially unacceptable~ for women to not shave their armpits. While guys can basically have werewolf-level hair all over their bodies, girls typically must be perfect hairless peaches with smooth, silky skin from head to toe. NEXT.

But in recent years, many of your favorite female stars have taken steps to put an end to gender stereotypes. Whether they posted pictures of their naked chests to support #FreeTheNipple, or spoke out about gender equality Hollywood, countless women are trying to end the unfair treatment of girls all over the world… including being shamed for doing something as simple as letting their armpit hair grow. GASP! The horror. But as you can see from these seven beauties, pit hair can, in fact, be sexy.