11 Gorgeous Female Celebrities Who Have the Same Facial Deformity

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Some of the biggest musicians in Hollywood have what is technically considered a facial deformity. But while a cleft chin is, scientifically speaking, a flaw in the structure of the jaw, it actually makes hot guys even hotter. And — you guessed it — famous ladies who have the same unique feature rock it just as hard!

Demi Lovato is perhaps the star who’s the most outspoken when it comes to her “booty chin,” but she’s definitely not the only female who has one. In fact, some celebs have clefts that are so subtle you probably have never even noticed them before! Or, ya know…they live that #filterlife that blurs ’em out in all their Instagram pictures. Whatever the situation is, here are 11 gorgeous women in Hollywood who all have a dent in the chin!