7 Beautiful Stars Who Used to Have Seriously Weak Eyebrow Games

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It’s a fact of life: Wax them, tweeze them, pencil them, whatever, but you gotta do SOMETHING with your eyebrows. It’s not just a girl thing; even guys need to do brow maintenance. Nobody wants two caterpillars (or worse: one giant caterpillar) hanging out above the eyes. Although perfecting the brows is a daunting task, there are a ton of life-changing eyebrow hacks out there to help you take on the challenge.

We already know which celebrities have the most killer brow games — looking at you, Lily Collins — and they’ve proved that all different shapes and styles can look amazing. From thin and arched to thick and straight, there’s no “right” eyebrow look… but there are some that are definitely wrong! These gorgeous ladies started out rough, but now their brows are on point. See for yourself: