7 Female Celebrities Who Sadly Grew Up With an Alcoholic Father

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Throughout his career on YouTube, Joey Graceffa has been very candid about the hardships he faced growing up with an alcoholic mother. After hearing the 25-year-old YouTuber’s story for so many years, we started thinking — how many other celebrities overcame living with a parent who was addicted to alcohol? Unfortunately, it happened more often than you expected.

To make matters even worse, we quickly realized that most of the celebs who’ve talked about growing up in a house with an alcoholic are female, and the parent who was an addict was their father. According to medical journey Biological Psychiatry, this actually makes a lot of sense, because men are twice as likely to become addicted to alcohol than women due to an increased released of dopamine in the brain after having a drink. So which of your favorite female stars have seen the devastating affects of alcoholism in the home? Click through the gallery below.