7 Female Stars Who Majorly Upgraded from Their Awful Ex-Boyfriends

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Real talk: Too many girls are willing to put up with lousy BFs. There’s no reason to continue investing your time and energy in a guy who doesn’t show you true respect. But you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your situation — it’s almost shocking how many celebs have found themselves in seriously terrible relationships. Some of your faves have dated guys who were physically and emotionally abusive; others have suffered the heartbreak of being cheated on. And for what it’s worth, a number of celebs have even admitted to cheating themselves. (FYI, Justin Bieber, seeing beautiful women on a regular basis isn’t an excuse for cheating.)

Ending a relationship can be devastating, even if you know in your heart that your bae is the worst. But it’s so, so important to remember that you deserve real, legitimate love — not BS disguised as love. These stars found that love in brand-new guys, all of whom were MAJOR upgrades from their gross exes! They’re cute, smart, sweet and, most of all, respectful. Congrats, ladies, we’re proud of y’all.

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