6 Totally Bad-Ass Female Celebrities Who Saved People’s Lives IRL

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As challenging as it was for Katniss Everdeen to save lives in the Hunger Games series, it can be even more difficult when your favorite stars are faced with frightening, life-threatening emergencies in their everyday lives… yet it totally happens!

That’s right — not only do we get to admire their often heroic on-screen characters, but some of your fave celebrities are actually pretty bad-ass in real life, too. When they’re not participating in a photo shoot, filming a movie or promoting their latest project, many stars are out doing everyday things when they suddenly find themselves in a do-or-die, fight-or-flight situation.

Most recently, Zoey 101‘s Matthew Underwood rescued an unharmed infant from a drug-fueled car wreck in Port St. Lucie, FL. What a lifesaver! While Matthew definitely thought quick on his feet and showed a lot of courage that night, he wasn’t the first celebrity to step up to the plate in an emergency. In fact, many of these fearless first responders have actually been ladies, so check out our list of famous, real-life superwomen: