7 Female Celebrities Who Posted Same-Sex Pictures, But Never Said She’s Queer

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Instagram @arianagrande

Instagram @arianagrande

We love that more and more people are comfortable publicly sharing their sexuality. Instead of hiding their feelings, people around the world are finally coming clean — and that’s awesome! Of course, it’s important that we don’t assume anything about anyone. Dressing or behaving in certain ways doesn’t mean that a person is straight or gay, transgender or non-binary, etc. For example, Bella Thorne recently posted footage of herself kissing best friend Bella Pendergast, and fans were quick to say that the two must be dating. Days later, the girls confirmed that that’s definitely NOT the case!

Casually kissing friends isn’t so uncommon, and it doesn’t necessarily say anything about a person’s sexual preferences. YouTube stars Teala Dunn and Meredith Foster recently tweeted that they’ve locked lips as besties and their fans were barely fazed. They’re far from the only stars to do so! Take a look: