6 Female Celebrities Who Played Characters Older Than Their Age

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For almost every teen movie in existence, most of the young characters are played by people who aren’t actually teens. They’re usually in their mid- to late-20s or even in their 30s, which is pretty insane. Like, you’d think that there’s a shortage of actual teens to play these roles. But how often do we hear about younger actors who play characters who are older than their real age?

You’re probably struggling to think of examples, or, if you did manage to think of some, chances are you can count them all on one hand. But either way, the point is, if older actors can manage to look almost a decade younger for certain roles, then younger actors can definitely pull off more mature roles, too. We say they deserve some major credit for it, because playing someone older requires a lot more that just an extra bit of makeup and a wardrobe change. Check out these six young actresses who flawlessly played older characters: