11 Celebs Who Kept their Pregnancies Secret Until They Were Ready to Pop

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Just last night, The Hunger GamesSam Claflin announced BIG news at the premiere of Mockingjay — Part 2, because obviously emotions weren’t already high enough. After months of speculation, Sam and his longtime wife, Laura Haddock, confirmed what we’ve all been guessing for-EVER — they are, in fact, pregnant, and our hearts nearly burst right then and there!

But Laura isn’t the first women in Hollywood to keep her pregnancy hush-hush. She’s actually joined by a long list of ladies who didn’t announce that they were expecting until WAY into the pregnancy (shout-out to Jasmine V!). While some stars were open about their bun in the oven, and even had their pregnancies written into their television shows, the following chicks went out of their way to beat around the bump.