6 Female Stars Who Helped Their Famous Male Bestie Get Over His Ex

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Relationships aren’t easy for anyone, let alone your favorite celebrities. With high-profile fights, jet-setting all over the world, the rumors, and their faces splattered on tabloids suggesting trouble, it’s a miracle anyone famous stays together at all. When things get tough, and a whirlwind Hollywood romance crashes and burns, it’s the BFF’s official duty to step in and cheer you up (or be a killer wingman, if your BFF happens to be Taylor Swift).

Everyone knows that the best cure for a broken heart is having fun with your bestie — but what every guy really needs on the path to healing is a female bestie. Sure, hanging out with the dudes is fun in its own right, but a girl understands the female mind. She can offer some feminine insight, be an official stand-in date and maybe she’ll even set you up with that cute friend you’ve been asking about. These six female celebrities stood by their man — and, no, they aren’t dating! Can’t a guy and girl be besties in peace?