6 Powerful Female Celebrities Who Absolutely HATE Being Single

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While “Single Ladies” by Beyonce may forever be a jam, a few female celebrities would rather put a ring on it than live the life of a girl who gets to fly solo. For them, not being in a relationship completely sucks, no matter which way you look at it. Having the ability to share your accomplishments with someone else and, hello, make out with someone whenever you want are only a couple reasons why having a bae is better than being single, at least in some ladies’ eyes.

There is nothing wrong with NOT having a romantic partner, but these six female stars have boys and girls on the mind 24/7 and want the world to know they’re not trying to go through life without a significant other by their side. Call them hopelessly romantic, or maybe even a little bit desperate, but at least you can say they’re 100 percent honest with their feelings.